Homeopathy is a healing system based on the principle of similarity. The term is comprised of the Greek words homoion (similar) and pathos (suffering) and was coined by the founder

Homeopathy is a healing system based on the principle of similarity. The term is comprised of the Greek words homoion (similar) and pathos (suffering) and was coined by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a physician, pharmacist and chemist who was born 1755 in Meißen as the son of a porcelain painter.

While translating the works of pharmacologist Dr. William Cullen from Edinburgh, he came across an essay about cinchona bark. He observed on himself how the cinchona bark caused fever surges, similar to those caused by malaria. Considering that cinchona bark was used to treat malaria he drew the conclusion that the bark was effective because it caused similar symptoms. "Similia similibus curentur - like cures like". That which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms.

Hahnemann stressed the importance of potentization, a dilution of the original substance, and succession, the systematic mixing through vigorous shaking, which , when done according to his technique would bring forth the "latent" and "sleeping" "dynamic forces" of the original substance (Organon & 269). By means of continuous potentization the original substance transfers its attributes to the substrate, for example water, which stores the information and energy.

The effectiveness of the medications depends on the principle of similarity, the dosage is only of secondary concern. Due to their profound impact, however, high dosages should only be used under medical supervision. In most cases a single dose is sufficient.

After the initial intake of homeopathic medication symptoms can worsen for a short period of time. This effect is considered proof of the right choice of medication.

Since the agents are always absorbed through the oral mucosa, homeopathic medication should be dissolved on the tongue, globules (small pellets) should be pushed in the check pouches with the tongue.

Further tips:

  • Homeopathic medication, especially globules, should not come into contact with metal - use a plastic or porcelain spoon
  • Don't eat or drink anything 15 - 30 minutes before and after the intake - also do not brush your teeth during this time
  • For the duration of the treatment with homeopathic medication don't drink peppermint tea and use tooth paste without menthol and mint.
  • Don't use lotions containing menthol or camphor, avoid drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola drinks) and don't smoke
  • Medication should be stored out of reach of children. The ideal area for your medicine cabinet is cool and dry. Homeopathic medicine should not be exposed to electromagnetic fields (TVs, monitors, microwaves, cellphones)


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