What to do in an emergency

Commonly used Emergency Numer in Europe: 112

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Protect yourself form the sun

On contact with sun our skin immediately produces the brown pigment melanin in order to protect itself from skin damage caused by UV rays. Exposure to sun can therefore be prolonged...

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Appropriate food on tour

From time to time you hear people say, "Mounatin guides are like camels, they hardly drink and eat while on a tour". This refers to a professional eating and drinking behaviour....

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Fit into the mountains, not through the mountains

To prevent injuries, illness or accidents it is necessary to gain basic endurance before exercising sports in the mountains. Depending what kind of sport you practice, you will need different...

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Be prepared for everything

Here you will find suggested recommendations for a first aid kit, which is sufficient for day-hikes in the mountains:

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Take great care of feet

If the feet hurt, the nicest hike can become torture! You will find some simple rules below. They should help you to reduce the appearance of blisters:

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No coldstart

Although it is well known that you should not exercise directly after a cold-start, not many people know how to warm up appropriately. The so called "start from 0 to 100" should be avoided because...

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Be aware of altitude

Everything you should know about acclimatisation to altitude, acute mountain sickness and their counter-measures....

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Protect yourself from wind and cold

In the mountains we are not always accompanied by sunshine and cloudless skies. Sometimes cold temperatures, wind and humidity can hit us. Especially these three components...

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Pharmacies in Zillertal

  • Europa Apotheke
 - Ramsau - +43 5282 2189
  • Gerlosstein Apotheke
 - Zell am Ziller - +43 5282 2641

  • Rupertus Apotheke
 - Stumm - +43 5283 2627

St.Pankraz Apotheke
 - Fügen - +43 5288 6700

Dorf Apotheke Fügen
 - Fügen - +43 5288 63818

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