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On contact with sun our skin immediately produces the brown pigment melanin in order to protect itself from skin damage caused by UV rays. Exposure to sun can therefore be prolonged...

On contact with sun our skin immediately produces the brown pigment melanin in order to protect itself from skin damage caused by UV rays. Exposure to sun can therefore be prolonged over the course of a few days. UV-A is responsible for short-term bronzing of the skin, however also for aging and the appearance of wrinkles. UV-B causes long-term coloration of the skin as well as sunburn. The shorter wave UV-C is filtered out by Earth's atmosphere. Effective sun screen not only has to protect against sunburn caused by UV-B rays but also against UV-A rays which cause aging of the skin and skin cancer. In contrast to UV-B there is no standard norm yet for UV-A protection, which makes choosing the right product somewhat difficult for the consumer. Leading brands on sale in our pharmacy use wide spectrum filters which protect against both UV-B and UV-A. We are happy to consult you.

Effects of UV-A rayson the skin:

  • Direct pigmentation
  • Penetration to the cutis
  • Triggering of heat erythema caused by energy irradiation
  • Triggering of photo toxic and photo allergic reactions
  • Skin aging


Effects of UV-B rayson the skin:


  • Itching
  • Flaky skin
  • Indirect pigmentation
  • Thickening of the corneal layer
  • Skin aging
  • Sailor's skin
  • Melanoma


Skin type I:
Fair skin with freckles, blue eyes and auburn hair. Burns after 5 to 10 minutes when exposed to summer sunshine at noon. Never tans.

Skin type II:
Blonde hair, grey, blue or green eyes. Starts to burn after 10 to 20 minutes when exposed to summer sunshine at noon. Tans moderately over time.

Skin type III:
Brown hair, grey or brown eyes. Starts to burn Starts to burn after 20 to 30 minutes when exposed to summer sunshine at noon. Tans over time.

Skin type IV:
Light brown skin, dark hair and eyes. Usually doesn't experience sunburn, but may start to burn after 40 minutes when exposed to summer sunshine at noon.

Sun-milk, -cream and -lotion
The most common sun screen products are emulsions. Because of their consistency semi-solid, spreadable products are called creams and are used mainly for the face. Liquid products allow for a rapid spreading over large body surfaces and are called milk and lotions.

Correct application of sun screens
Sun screens only protect if they are applied correctly:


  • Apply 30 to 40 minutes before exposure to direct sunlight
  • Use on clean skin and spread a sufficient amount evenly on the skin (larger quantities result in only a minimum rise in protection)
  • Do not use perfumes or deodorants in conjunction with sun screen
  • Use correct products: lotions only for the body, never for the face, creams with protection against cold in winter
  • Re-apply sunscreen after a swim. This does not amount of time which you can safely spend in the sun!
  • In vicinity of reflective surfaces (sand, snow or sea) or any other situation with diffused light it is advisable to cover the skin with clothing
  • Highly sensitive areas like lips, nose, scars and other areas free of pigments, as well as areas with strong pigmentation should be covered with sun blockers.


Physical filters
Reflection and scattering of rays on the surface of power particles (zinc oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide)

Chemical filters
absorb the sun's rays in form of energy and give them off as heat. Due to an increased risk of an allergic reaction with chemical filters, high quality sun screens for children increasingly contain physical filters.

Usually products containing Vitamin A and its precursor Beta-Carotene, both responsible for cell protection and pre-bronzing of the skin. Such products are used for conditions like porphyria, photodermatosis, prophylactic treatment of UV damage and for contrast reduction on undesired pigmentations. We recommend preparing for your vacation by regularly taking a Carotene capsule starting 3 weeks before departure in order to minimize the risk or sun exposure.

We carry a product by Vichy with multiple uses as well as self-bronzer tissues for single use by La Roche Posay.

Please remember
The rays of the sun are particularly potent in the mountains and on glaciers. Don't jeopardize your vacation with a sunburn. We are happy to consult you and recommend the right sun screen for your skin type.



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